Navigating This Space

Image: “Patent 16002 drawings of Equatorial Sextant“: Public Domain

This page is not part of the assignment so should not be included in the word count. It contains brief information on viewing and navigating the site as well as image credit for the main feature image and note on word count.

This site is best viewed in Safari or Chrome. The WordPress template does not seem to render properly in Firefox.

The posts that constitute this assignment should appear in the correct order, read left to right, top to bottom. If not, please read them in the following order:
1) The Last Bottled Breath of What?
2) The Tusk of the Unicorn
3) The Lost Art of Ars Memoria
4) Curating the Kunstkammer

The References page contains the references for the whole assignment, chunked by chapters.

The image credit for the feature image on this site is: “Musei Wormiani Historia”: Public Domain

The total word count for the assignment should be ~2600.
I have not included in this, the navigation links I have place at the bottom of each post to connect to the next chapter.



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